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AC Bergen-Fischer is an inspirational speaker, an activist, a philosopher, a writer, a producer, host of What I Like About You, and co-host of In The Blood

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Turn Up The AC is a biographical podcast of sorts. I share my insights based on personal (or personally meaningful) experiences. I don't make anything off-limits, as I hope to inspire others to introspect in an honest way.Anyone who listens will quickly notice that I typically leave my stories open-ended. I hope that this approach will allow listeners to personalize the experience.

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I read a quote a few days ago that made me really think about what life after 50 feels like.“It is a supremely cruel thing to have your mind conjure a desire which it is functionally unable to realize.”
~ Blake Crouch
What does it mean to feel OK? The answer isn't always very clear.This week, I explain what "OK" means to me, in this moment...Episode is available on all major podcast platforms, or by clicking here

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