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AC Fischer is an inspirational speaker, an activist, a philosopher, a writer, a producer, co-host of What I Like About You, and co-host of When The Bough Breaks

About The Show

Turn Up The AC takes an introspective, retrospective, and sometimes biographical look at the roots of our personal philosophies. It explores the motivations behind our realizations. It encourages people to explore how they think, and not just what they think.

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“He experienced the ultimate test of his faith when he stood on the brink of finding out if he’d spend eternity at the right hand of Jesus, or something else. Or nothing else.”

It’s easy to determine how many seeds are in an apple. It’s impossible, though, to know how many apples are in a seed. AC shares how the seeds his father unknowingly planted grew into a surprising number of apples.

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“I am more interested in the quality of my life than the quantity of my days.”
~Dave Warnock

AC offers a tribute to a friend who is dying in the public eye, while living life to its fullest.

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